the Founder,  Lindsay Kelloway

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About Haiku Lane's Founder, Lindsay

Founded in 2011 by former Childhood Educator, Lindsay Kelloway, Edmonton based jewelry brand Haiku Lane was created to bring meaning to our jewelry. She was inspired by her travels to Maui and all of the intricate jewelry designs from the artists on the island. Haiku Lane was born when Lindsay realized she couldn't find any pieces of jewelry that truly spoke to her and hence started her own designs. Lindsay continues to be inspired by her travels, jewelry designs of the past and the nature surrounding her.

Each collection is beautifully crafted from sterling silver and vermeil and features unique motifs and precious gemstones in intricate settings.

In keeping with the Haiku Lane brand and ethos, pieces are intentionally designed to connect the wearer to their unique stories, their cherished moments and important people in their lives.

Known and loved for our unique pieces, Haiku Lane is the go-to destination for jewelry and gifts that tell stories of connection and meaning.

A Personal Note From Lindsay

My original "why" started as a creative outlet after a trip to Maui in 2011. My grandparents have a place there and it always felt like my "home away from home". It was on this trip to Maui, completely immersed in new surroundings, scents, culture and people, that I took in the air and felt that this is where my soul is meant to be. Have you ever felt like this? Maui is that place for me.

Haiku Lane was completely inspired by this magical island. The name Haiku comes from my love of Haiku Mill (an old sugar mill in Maui that dates back to 1860 that has been refurbished but still retains it's "Old Europe" feel). I loved that they melded modern elements, nature and vintage aspects into something unique and beautiful. This venue truly spoke to me. It was romantic. It was a fairytale. You could escape here and not feel like there was a whole other world surrounding you. I was inspired by all the artisans that live there and use natural pieces like seashells and gemstones and create unique and beautiful things. I simply started making jewelry, at first, as a creative outlet.

My "why" behind my brand has since evolved from filling a creative void to wanting to create pieces, that not just "look pretty" but also hold meaning. I want my customers to feel connected to their pieces. I want them to be reminded of their loved ones. I want them to look at their pieces and be transported back in time to a favourite moment or experience.

With love, Lindsay

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The process


Each piece of Haiku Lane jewelry begins with a simple sketch. The ideas for each design come from founder Lindsay Kelloway’s own stories and loved ones in her life.


These sketches then turn into a 3D rendering and are lovingly made in our small family owned manufacturing plants in Thailand and India. There are several steps that are involved to make each piece of jewelry. Each country is known for their special skills and resources. It is in these countries that our memories and stories turn into our beloved pieces of jewelry. 


Haiku Lane values quality of product and quality of conditions in which our jewelry is created. We partner with manufacturers who align with our values of fair trade practices and the production of quality items that are made to last. We value sustainable jewelry and are always evolving and growing to better our company.