Whimsical. Romantic. Timeless.

We believe that everyone has a story and your jewelry should reflect that as well. Haiku Lane creates jewelry that is unique in design, incorporating vintage inspired elements that are both timeless and beautiful. 



The name Haiku Lane comes from my love of Haiku Mill (an old sugar mill in Maui that dates back to 1860 that has been refurbished but still retains it's "Old Europe" feel). I loved that they melded modern elements, nature and vintage aspects into something unique and beautiful. That's what I like to do with my creations as well. 



Haiku Lane is designed by Lindsay Kelloway and was first started in 2011. She was inspired by her travels to Maui and all of the intricate jewelry designs from the artists on the island. Haiku Lane was born when Lindsay realized she couldn't find any pieces of jewelry that truly spoke to her and hence started her own designs. Lindsay continues to be inspired by her travels, jewelry designs of the past and the nature surrounding her.