About Haiku Lane

Haiku Lane believes that everyone has a story and your jewelry should reflect the special people and moments in your life. Haiku Lane creates jewelry that is unique in design, incorporating vintage inspired elements that are both timeless and beautiful.

Meet The Founder, Lindsay

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The Process

The Inspiration

Each piece of Haiku Lane jewelry begins with a simple sketch. The ideas for each design come from founder Lindsay Kelloway’s own stories and loved ones in her life.

The Process

Bringing it to life

These sketches then turn into a 3D rendering and are lovingly made in our small family owned manufacturing plants in Thailand and India. There are several steps that are involved to make each piece of jewelry. Each country is known for their special skills and resources. It is in these countries that our memories and stories turn into our beloved pieces of jewelry. 

The Process

Timeless & Beautiful

Haiku Lane values quality of product and quality of conditions in which our jewelry is created. We partner with manufacturers who align with our values of fair trade practices and the production of quality items that are made to last. We value sustainable jewelry and are always evolving and growing to better our company.

Materials & Care

Beautiful, unique and quality jewelry doesn’t have to come with a large price tag.

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